Deck War is a collectible card game (CCG) currently in development at KlickTock.

You will play a Deckromancer, a powerful god living in The High Skies who controls the fates of the denizens of The Low Lands with a magical deck of cards. Each card cast onto the battlefield summons the soldiers within to do battle.

Deck War will feature many unique monsters featured across hundreds of cards. At launch, Deck War's cards will be divided across 5 factions: Swamp, Sky Islands, Kingdom, Risen and Desert.

As well as an extensive single player campaign, Deck War will feature asynchronous multi-player. Set up special decks to defend your keep from attackers, even when offline.

Cards will vary from basic solider units to powerful creatures with unique abilities that will greatly affect the course of the game. Certain cards will synergize with others and discovering these combinations will provide great depth of play.

Deck War will be available in 2015.